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Some  photos from 2015 End of Summer Event (click) RESULTS of the March 2015 IMAC Event   (Thanks to Ivan Kristensen for the write-up)  


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Some fun/useful stuff click                                See the AT-6 fly-over on Veteran's Day.  Pilot - Fred Johnson.....video - Dom DiDomenico. View


The 2015 mowing schedule is available in the Members Only area.                        The list of  2015 Events is available. Click on the "EVENTS" link above.

We received a letter with some photos from the Univ. of Tenn./Martin SAE Aerodesign team that practised at our field prior to an event in Lakeland. Click to read



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Hey,Hey,Hey! It's picinik time!    Oct. 10th, Noon at the Cook Shack. Catered by Sonny's. $5 per person. Sign up sheet (your name and number of people) in the pavillion.


COMING UP SOON:                                                   

                                      Oct. 3rd - Charity Fly-In - H.A.M. - Brooksville (Flyer)
                                      Oct. 10th - The 15th Open Fly-In - O.T.O.W. - Ocala (Flyer)
                                      Oct. 10th - The4th FSS Sailplane - San Felasco - Alachua
                                      Oct. 15th~17th - 12 O'Clock High - F.T.E. - Lakeland (Flyer)
                                      Oct 17th & 18th - The 13th IMAC - O.F.M.C. - Ocala
                                      Oct. 23rd~25th - 9th Zepher Electric Festival - Can-Am Flyers - Zepheryrhills (Cancelled)
                                      Oct. 24th - The 2nd Open Fly-In - Flying Gators - Gainesville (Flyer)
                                      Oct. 29th~31st - Inaugural Red Flag Jet Competition - F.T.E. - Lakeland  Details
                                      Oct. 31st - Salute to Veterans - OFMC - Ocala  (Flyer)                                                                                 



From Lyman Slack (provider of the Events List): I have had a request made by a modeler who still actually builds and finishes models. He seeks any quantity of the original Aero Gloss Dope that you might have sitting back on your dusty shelves. He’s looking for any colored, clear, or thinner made by the original PACTRA manufacturer; not especially the later Midwest brand. If you have some and are willing to part with it, send me your information and I will pass it along to him.













The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) is a member supported, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of RC scale aerobatic competition. IMAC is recognized as the primary voice of the scale aerobatic special interest group (SIG) of the AMA.

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Contact AMA today to learn how you can join one of the world's most thrilling and high tech sports, model aviation.

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 Here is the link to a video by Rich Teller filming from his DJI Phantom. Nice work!                  


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