Option One, Complete online application and submit.  This will expedite your membership process. You will have the option to pay via Paypal or send us a check. Sending a check will delay your membership.

Option Two,   Print Application. Mail it to the address below or bring it to the next meeting.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to process if you choose option two.

Membership Information

Academy of Model Aeronautics membership is required for membership in the Ocala Flying Model Club.  To join the AMA click here. Registration with the FAA is also required.

Schedule of initiation fees and dues for membership in OFMC.


   Adults = $62.50  Cash Discount price  $60.00

   Spouses, Immediate* family members = $31.50   Cash Discount Price  $30.00

   Juniors under 18 = $1.00



   Applicants for new Membership

   Adults = $102.50  Cash Discount Price  $100.00

   Spouses, Immediate* family members = $52.00  Cash Discount Price $50.00

   Juniors under 18 = $10.00


Total costs for New Members joining are as follows:

New Adult member = $165.00   Cash Discount Price $160.00

New Adult Spouse = $83.50 Cash Discount Price   $80.00

New Junior member = $11.00 (Initiation $10, Dues $1)


*Immediate Family means Father and/or Mother of a current Adult member, or New Adult Application.


IMPORTANT: Please print, read and fill out the application form. (Requires Adobe Acrobat). Please follow the instructions on the application. Either mail or present the completed application and proof of AMA membership and FAA sUAS registration at one of our regular monthly meetings at the field (10 am on the first Saturday of each month).

The mailing address is:


P.O. Box 2295

Belleview, FL 34421