You can only renew if you are a current 2021 OFMC member.  Otherwise you need to join as a new member 

Pay by check discount dues are $75.00 for members joining prior to Jan 1st 2021  $37.50 for an extra family member

$100.00 for members joining Jan 1st 2021or later

Please be sure to send the correct amount or your renewal may be delayed. 

To pay by check please mail to:

Ocala Flying Model Club

P.O Box 2295

Belleview, FL 34421

Use the links below to pay online

$78.00 Full Membership Members joining prior to Jan 1st 2021 only

$103.00 Full Membership  members joining after Jan.1st 2021 only

$39.00 Extra Family Member

 $1.00 Junior membership