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EDF Jet event at OFMC

DEC. 11th and 12th

Important Notice:

The 1st annual NASA Salute to Vets Scale Contest is now in the books.  We had 29 registered pilots that showed up to have fun, 12 of which were OFMC members that were flying for the first time in a scale contest.  One of our goals all along was to get the club members involved….mission accomplished.  I’m also happy to report that we had a lot of members that volunteered to help with judging, flight line control and even cooking food.  An event like this can’t happen without club support.  A huge thank you to all that helped and to all the pilots that showed up to fly. We’re already talking about next year and ways to make it bigger and better. One last thing, Thank you to all the sponsors.  We were able to raise a lot of money for the club thanks to the generous donations of prizes.  Here’s the list

The RC informer, JRPROPO Banana Hobbies. FMS, Ernst, ZAP, RTL and Sullivan products.

Scale Contest photos

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Nov BOD minutes posted  & Oct. Treasurers Report posted

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2021 OFMC Board of Directors

Carlos Paez - President

Bill Fuori - Vice President

Dawna Baker - Secretary

Jim Baker – Treasurer

Pete  Ferguson - Field Marshall

Jesse Hinds - Safety Officer

Ed Luhrman - Safety Officer

Mike Redys - Representative

Gary West - Representative


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