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Flight Training
OFMC maintains a group of volunteers for flight instruction and certification. These services are available to OFMC members free of charge:
•       Flight training for pilots that have never soloed
•       Flight certification for new members that have soloed elsewhere
•       Training in advanced aerobatics
•       Turbine Waiver Flight Demonstration
Our flight training course provides an efficient and effective learning experience. New pilots will develop the knowledge and skills that promote safety while fully enjoying the sport.  Training is focused on getting the student hands-on experience through the use of a buddy box system. This allows an instructor to give a student control of the aircraft but instantly take over if the student loses orientation.  Student pilots gain valuable flight time while removing virtually all of the risk of crashing.

Intermediate pilots can continually advance their piloting skills by having an experienced instructor coach them through new aerobatic maneuvers.

Click the link below to download our flight training manual.
It is best to have a printed version of the manual during your training
(Hint: Download and open in Adobe Acrobat to enter your name before printing).
Pilot Training Manual
OFMC requires all members that have an AMA turbine waiver to perform a demonstration flight with one of our turbine certified members.  After completion of the demonstration flight, turbine waivered pilots may fly with anyone as their spotter.
Click the link below to see the requirements of the demonstration flight.
Turbine Waiver Flight Demo

Please contact one of the instructors to schedule your training and/or demonstration flight.


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