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To become an OFMC member you must have these three items completed:

  1. Be a current Academy of Model Aeronautics member and provide your AMA number.  AMA enrollment - click here

  2. Be a registered recreational flyer with the FAA.  Your FAA (FA3.....) number must be displayed on all of your aircraft.  Click here to Register your drone and obtain an FA3..... number.  Note, 'Register your drone' and/or 'Create Account' are the same link.  'Drone' is a catch-all term the FAA uses for all RC aircraft and includes us as a'recreational flyer' of model aircraft.  FAA registration costs $5.00 and is renewed every 3 years.

  3. Take the TRUST test.  You must carry the TRUST card on your person to show you passed the test.  This applies to anywhere you fly RC aircraft.

​​FAA Important Note:  Do not register for FRIA status as an individual pilot.

The OFMC FRIA application is already approved with the FAA.  You will not need a remote ID module for your aircraft flown at OFMC. 

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